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Penelope is original

Trustworthy clean recipes with more than 97% natural content. Rich in scientifically proven ingredients and reliable, PeneloΠe keeps the promise for deep skin care.

She offers all your body needs: Shower gels and solid soaps for gentle cleansing and smoothness. Body lotions and creams for deep long lasting moisturisation without any greasiness. Products that protect the skin of the whole family from 2 years old.
An imaginative character combining the velvet touch of donkey milk with the freshness of Greek countryside; she invites you to a pleasant journey across senses.

PeneloΠe cares for you, believing that beauty radiates from within but also cares for fair practices.

Life cycle Perspective

Ecodesign is an integral part of our product development. We keep track of our product life cycle from cradle to grave. That includes sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, product use, up to waste treatment. We employ Life Cycle Assessment to assess our environmental footprint and take measures to minimize it.

We strive for sustainable innovation.

We collaborate with national and international innovation companies, research Institutions like the National Hellenic Research Foundation and quality certifying bodies, for developing and optimizing equipment and processes.

Social responsibility

We care for fair practices across our value chain, and we build reliable relations with suppliers employees, partners, customers, consumers, community. Salary gap between all members of our team, from production staff to top management is less than factor 3.

We collaborate with and give back to the community. Parts of the profits support social causes like the social integration day center and UNESCO in Greece.
Animal welfare

Donkey Milk is supplied by a greek company applying the most modern technologies in the donkey milk processing, with the collaboration of technology institutes in Greece. The farm is operated with respect to nature and the donkeys breed only naturally.

Parts of PeneloΠe’s profits are used to support animal welfare organizations focused on the improvement of living conditions of donkeys in Greece.

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The Cleanway to cosmetics

PeneloΠe is a brand developed by the Greek family company Cleanway. The company, established in 1987, has more than 35 years in the market collaborating with major European retailers and is certified to international ISO standards for quality management, environmental quality and best practices in cosmetics production. Cleanway has an internal multidisciplinary team of chemists, biologists, chemical engineers and sustainability experts.

The company’s cosmetics’ range is continuously expanding with new innovations. As producers, we strive to fulfill the promise we give our consumers: excellent quality at the right price.


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